Market research company, Roy Morgan has been polling Australians about the trustworthiness of different professions since 1975. Real estate agents have always polled poorly – in fact only 9% of Aussies rate us as “very high” or “high” in ethics and honesty. Here at PLP we have always bucked that trend and have shown you good old fashion service really does still exist.

If you are looking to relocate to our stunning Bowen, you won’t be met with a suit, tie and pushy paperwork but instead a personalised town tour, cuppa on the verandah and a simple chinwag.

Or you may be hoping to offload your home and looking for an agent to give you facts without the fluff! We are not in the business of feathering your nest to gain your listing but instead aim to listen first, then find the best process forward to sell your home armed with reliable sales stats – we know you aren’t just all the same! You can also guarantee we work hard on EVERY listing, not just the exclusives!

You may even be dipping your toes in for the first time and have NFI! That’s where we come in; give you access to years of local knowledge, answer any burning questions (nothing is too silly) and provide honest feedback without pressure and obligation – that’s kinda OUR thing!

Yes we’ve got the drones pics, the social media platforms, the striking website and all the rest of the mod-cons, BUT of utmost importance our focus is on reliability, sincerity, approachability, a sense of humour and all in all – YOU!

Meet Our Team




What I think
I am enthusiastic, bubbly, highly motivated and have an unbeatable work ethic! I have a flair for creativity and innovation and out of this world listening skills (I have no choice being a mum of two little boys!)
What the team thinks
She is bossy!
What I love
Chilled out family time, the Broncos and watching every game of the NRL season, team sports, every member of the animal species, chocolate and OTT earrings!




What I think
I pride myself on honesty, reliability and integrity and with over 40 years experience in real estate and auctioneering plus local knowledge, I guarantee I am the bloke who will look after you and your interests. This is proven by the many, many happy customers who have purchased or sold through me in the past. Raising money for local charities and clubs is a passion of mine and I can proudly say I have done so for 30 years and counting!
What the team thinks
Technologically challenged, quick-witted and in need of a wardrobe that doesn’t consist of only footy shorts!
What I love
The bush, any sport (other then soccer) and a beer with my mates.. and I better put something about my wife.




What I think
I am a behind the scenes whizz! I organise, liaise, process and I am the first point of call when you need absolutely ANYTHING!
What the team think
Impeccable book work, a germ-a-phobe and the epitome of patience (as she has to put up with Peter!)
What I love
My children (jokes). I love exercising, chocolate and Bacardi and of course the beautiful beaches of Bowen.

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