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Bowen – Heart of Secluded Beaches

Situated at the top of the Whitsundays, Bowen offers absolute paradise with eight beautiful award-winning beaches to enjoy and explore. Dip your toes in to the crystal clear, sparkling waters whilst feeling the warm sand on the souls of your feet. You will not believe your eyes when you cast a glance over some of the most picturesque bays in Queensland – no the world, unbeatable sunsets over the water, perfect for fish and chips on the beach and not to mention you will be the only one there!

The inner reef is just metres from many of Bowen’s bays, within minutes of donning your snorkel you can be swimming above a rich environment of corals and fish.

Fishing is one of Bowens biggest attractions with its numerous creek systems, coral studded islands, off shore reefs and most importantly abundant fish life.

If exercise is more your thing, one of the best ways to enjoy Bowens coastal scenery is to explore the many kilometres of breathtaking hiking trails, walking tracks or bike paths – whether it be a casual stroll along the foreshore or challenging yourself to get to the top of one of the many panoramic lookouts! You may even like to indulge in beach front yoga or stand up paddle-boarding!

Coupled with a rich diversity of local produce and seafood, Bowen is the perfect place for a sea change for you and your family!


Collinsville – Heart of the Outback

Collinsville is the heart of the outback in the Whitsundays. Located a scenic drive 85km west from Bowen, travelling through orchards and farmland to grazing cattle country, at the foothills of the Clarke Range. Far enough away from the tourist hubs to be a country retreat, the close-knit community always offers a friendly and warm welcome to its many visitors.

While in town look for the historical mining murals, take a visit to the Miners Memorial and Coalface Experience Museum which showcases the rich mining heritage of the region. Before you take the short journey to discover a unique part of the outback at the Bowen River Hotel (reputedly frequented by visitors and locals alike) you must also drop in to the well known Collinsville Bakery, famous for their fresh bread, delicious pies and our favourite – the cream bun!

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